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ETI Services was commissioned to carry out oxy-fuel cutting and boilermaking on the rear ramp of a ship ?

Our technical manager, Mr Morata Roland, went to the vessel to see the work to be done, and it emerged that the rear ramp of the vessel was badly damaged.

Mr Morata, therefore began by drawing plans ✏️ manually, before manufacturing the sheet metal part.


Oxycutting of the part

Our teams of welders and boilermakers then proceeded to flame cutting on the ramp. This process makes it possible to cut metals using an oxygen jet brought to a temperature of 1300 degrees Celsius, combined with a fuel selected according to the parameters of the part to be cut.

Oxygen cutting is used on so-called “mild” or low alloy steels. This makes it possible to work on various thicknesses: a few millimeters to almost a meter for the most imposing parts.

Manufacture of the boiler room

Subsequently, our technicians, specialized in the navy, manufactured in our workshops in Marseille, according to the plans of our technical manager, the part to be replaced.

Our welder assembled the elements directly on the ship’s ramp.

We mobilized our teams to carry out the intervention on the ship during a good part of the night in order to limit the immobilization of the ship.

Fast intervention

Our technicians are able to intervene quickly for your repairs or boilermaking work on the rear ramps of your ships or any other type of maintenance problem.

This availability allows your ships not to remain stuck at the quayside in the Grand Port Maritime de Marseille.