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ETI Services: the safety of our teams is our priority!

⚠️ Safety is our priority ?

Today we received our new PPE, so that our teams are clearly visible during our interventions.

Today we received our new PPE, so that our teams are clearly visible

Large training plan

In this context, our management decided in 2020 to launch a major training plan for all of our employees, continuing over the year 2021.

Today we received our new PPE, so that our teams are clearly visible

Indeed, the latter are made aware and trained on the following topics:

  • GIES: Intervention on chemical and industrial sites (prevention rules, compliance with procedures, etc.)
  • GTIS: Intervention on petrochemical sites (mastering jointing techniques on bolted assemblies, safety of interventions)
  • RRW: Rescuer First aid worker (Take first aid to a victim)
  • Caces: Certificate of aptitude for safe driving (R489, Cat3)
  • TIG: TIG welding according to a DMOS (coated electrode)
  • Alfa Laval Separator TrainingDiagnosis and maintenance of the brand’s separators.

In order to continue our training plan, to come in 2021:

  • Terberg: Use of industrial tractor trucks
  • Working at height and wearing PPE: Awareness for personnel called upon to use an anti-fall harness or work at height.
  • Scaffolding assembly and disassembly: Assess the risks, know the regulations, assemble and disassemble rolling and fixed scaffolding.
  • Daily check and use of scaffolding: Use and check both mobile and fixed scaffolding.