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Our client Orion Engineered Carbons, entrusted us with the creation of boiler-lined vats in 316 L stainless steel.

Indeed in the maintenance of its production system, Orion, had the need to replace the existing tanks. They are used to receive the acetylene black that they produce in their Berre-l’Étang plant.

Stages of design and manufacture of boiler-made tanks

Our teams have worked on all stages, from design to manufacturing in order to make these containers as efficient as possible.

To do this, we first traced the plans for the realization of each of the parts.

We then proceeded to cut the stainless steel and assemble the elements by a welding process.

The tanks have thus taken shape under the expert hands of our boilermaker.

Boiler made tanks

Once the elements were assembled and finalized, we were able to transport them to our customer directly using our crane truck.

boilermaking - tanks

Arrived on site, the boiler rooms were installed and connected to the black production system.

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